Pre Foreclosure

One of the best and easiest ways to build a real estate business is to buy a property from a homeowner that is in foreclosure. Pre foreclosures are properties that are in the final stage just before they are taken back by the bank. The Pre- Foreclosure stage starts with the homeowner missing a mortgage payment and ending when the property is auctioned.

The foreclosure process may take a long time. Even after the owner misses several payments and the bank starts foreclosure proceedings, it can take several months before the home is actually repossessed and put up for auction or sale. The owner is still in charge of the property and has possession of it; however he/she knows that if payments are not made soon, the bank will repossess the home.

Using the pre-foreclosure process to one’s advantage is a wise idea because these home owners are the most motivated types of sellers: they have a true deadline. Other sellers will say they are motivated or would like to move on, however none of them have a deadline that they are not in complete control of. In this case, the bank is in control of setting the timeline, and usually the bank is unwilling to adjust the deadline. Because of this forced deadline, the homeowner needs to make a decision before the bank makes the decision for them, and they lose everything.

In addition to having the most motivated types of sellers, the pre-foreclosure process has the most motivated types of lenders. These lenders do not want to keep the property; they simply do not want to lose their money. However, in many cases the lenders are willing to take less than what the homeowner owed simply to get rid of the bad loan. This type of sale is called a short sale, and it is a valuable technique to understand in the pre-foreclosure process.

The pre-foreclosure area of real estate is has great potential for profit. It is important to recognize what stage the market is in and which strategy to apply. Applying the correct strategy at the proper time will produce massive profits.



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