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How To Stop Foreclosure Process Without Attorney at

How To Stop Foreclosure Without Attorney

Are you one of the many people that currently need to stop a foreclosure? Help is available for those who know where to find it at . There is help available when you find yourself faced with foreclosure. The key is finding a stop foreclosure program that is right for you.

how To Stop Mortgage Foreclosure

For various reasons, you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage payments, and the idea that you could lose your home is heartbreaking. You need a way to stop mortgage foreclosure. It can be done, by getting some mortgage foreclosure help. will help you explore the many possible methods of avoiding foreclosure by giving you wise advice about the subject.

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Call (951) 356-1323 today for a Free Consultation. If you are facing Foreclosure, Pre-Foreclosure, Auction or have unsuccessfully tried to get a Loan Modification, do not expect the bank to ‘work with you’. They will not. California recently passed the Homeowners Bill of Rights giving you the upper hand in dealing with illegal actions by banks including mortgage fraud, dual tracking and mismanagement of your loan’s title and deed. If your mortgage loan was securitized by your lender (most loans since 2001 were), than the assignments of your mortgage, your title and your deed can be challenged, leading to immediate delay in foreclosure proceedings, allowing you to gain time and build a plan that allows you to keep your home. We might even be able to recover your home EVEN IF IT HAS ALREADY BEEN FORECLOSED OR AUCTIONED, and you have the ability to legally collect punitive damages!!!

Stop the illegal foreclosure of your home today.


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