Competing For Foreclosures In Santa Monica

How can your distressed home compete with foreclosures in Santa Monica that are being brokered by experts? There are actually several ways to draw attention to your property and maybe even sell it for a good price. Supposing you have successfully listed your home to be sold in the real estate marketplace and you have received queries from people who would like to see your property.

An advantage that a private seller has over banks or real estate companies selling foreclosures in Santa Monica is that they can stage their home in a manner that will make it more appealing to a huge number of potential buyers. Proper home staging can result to the speedy sale of the home at a higher price. Your staging techniques should always focus on making the home more appealing by turning it into a homey and welcoming place that any kind of buyer may want.

Home Staging Tips

Identify the best features of the home and highlight them. Let natural light flood into the home as much as you can. Open up the shutters and drapes to take out that gloomy feel to the home. Balance the size of your furniture to the size of your rooms. If your ceilings are high, you can place tall furniture or plants in the room.

De-cluttering and depersonalizing the home is important as many buyers would like to see the home for its possibilities and may not take well to seeing it through the eyes of the current owners. Hide family pictures, remove the clothes in the closet and take out all traces of the people who are residing or used to reside in the home. Learn to accessorize your barren spaces. Buy additional pillow for your sofa, install shower curtains and position plants in empty spaces.

The outer grounds should likewise be impeccable. Work on your home’s curb appeal by cleaning the driveway, mowing your lawn and trimming your trees. Wash the exterior side of your windows and walls to give it an immaculate look. If you can accomplish these tweaks and touch ups then you can stand proudly alongside other foreclosures in Santa Monica and maybe even sell your property instantly.

John Evan Miller has been educating buyers on the finer points of foreclosures in Santa Monica for over five years. Visit and read more advice on finding information about foreclosures in California.

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