Selling a House – How to Sell My House Myself

In recent years real estate markets have crashed and in response real estate agent commissions have gone from an average of 5% to 6%. So you may be thinking how do I sell my house myself? Well there are several ways and a few things to consider.

Saving Money

On average you will save between 5-7% or about $ $ 15,000-21,000 in commission fees on a $ 300,000 house, and while there is a learning curve there are a lot of resources on line to help you.

Stop By

This is a for sale by owner website and here you can do everything from advertising your property to getting repairs done, signs made, and having pre-written contracts created.

In addition to there are hundreds of other on line and off line classifieds where you can market your property. Here are some tips to consider when doing so-

Use Photos

Add photos to your listings that have good lighting and wide angle shots. Remember the potential buyer must be able to see themselves living there so you will want to make sure that the light is not to dark, or bright. It should be soft, warm and inviting.

Use Videos

75% of Internet users prefer to watch videos online than reading. You can upload a video to and then embed it in your classified listings. Videos should about 2-3 minutes and again remember to be aware of the lighting.
Hold Regular Open Houses:
Obviously holding open houses are important, but do it regularly and make sure to invite prospective buyers as well as friends and family over, by adding food and drinks. This will give the appearance of a fuller open house and may help to drive up the driving price by creating the perception of greater competition.

Have Accurate Pricing

The biggest mistake most sellers make is not having an accurate idea of how much their house is actually worth. Make sure to get it appraised by a professional before you put it on the market. You can get an online appraisal done at

Sell Your House to A Professional Investment Group

If this sounds like a lot of work it is and that’s why agents get such large commissions. Another option is to sell to an investment group. As a rule of thumb they will purchase properties for 90% of market value. Transactions can be completed in as little as two weeks time and they will pay cash without having to do repairs.

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