Simple Steps to Selling Your House

The idea of selling your house within a desired amount of time can seem stressful. Just the thought of deciding when to sell and how to get the best price makes the process seem time consuming.

Although today’s popular trend, the Internet, allows anyone to sell a home online, it’s not the same as relying on a realtor who will take care of everything for you. Selling a home within a desired amount of time requires hiring a skillful, intelligent, and experienced Realtor – one with a successful track record in real estate.

Brian Walsh, founder of Brian Walsh Realty, is affiliated with Carolina One Real Estate, which is South Carolina’s #1 Real Estate Company. He understands that selling a home is a process that takes careful planning and strategic thinking. But, most importantly, he knows that there are simple steps home sellers can take to make the process faster and the value of your home higher. If you’re looking to sell your Charleston South Carolina real estate, Walsh offers these simple steps for you to take.

First, it’s important to assess your home. Take a look at your home and any damages or repairs that need to be fixed, including minor repairs. Next, take care of the damages, both inside and outside of the home. Fixing very minor damages has a big impact on your home, its appearance, and value.

After you’ve examined damages inside and outside of your home, take a look at your landscaping. Remove any tree branches that may cause damage to your home during a storm, trim the bushes, and take care of your grass. If you have a garage, you need to clean it. Remove any clutter and organize all items. This helps your garage appear bigger and buyers can imagine what items they can fit in the garage.

Your house may not need an entire makeover, but additional tweaks, such as cleaning out the gutter helps. If they appear dirty, clean them out. When you step into a house, both the walls and floors, have a huge impact on the value of the home. It’s a good idea to give your walls a fresh coat of paint to help them appear new, fresh, and bright. Once you’ve worked on the walls, next remove any old or ruined carpets. If you have hardwood flooring, give it a good cleaning and fix any damages that may cause injury if a person walks on it.

When buyers come to view your home, walking through a house with clean and organized rooms leaves a good impression. Give each room an airy appearance. Next, clean all windows, doors, fans, lights, and carpets. Pretend that it’s time for Spring cleaning. Lastly, and most importantly, maintain your homes appearance while on the market.

While certainly helpful, these steps are only the beginning. Contact Brian Walsh Realty today to get started on selling your home.

I’m a content writer from South Jersey.

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